Your all-time favorite sand beach Anna Maria Island has a history you should know about. This aesthetic place was not like it used to be when it was discovered. 

The island naturally came into existence about 25,000 years ago but was unearthed in the year 1521, by Spanish explorers. The earliest settlers were Caloocan and Timucuan American Indian tribes. These tribal men were warriors, farmers, and fishermen.

In the early 1800s, the island was a fishing village that was visited mostly by fishermen, hunters, and campers. According to the 1855 U.S maps, the island was named Anna Maria Key.  

In 1892, George Emerson Bean was the first-ever permanent resident of the island.  Colonized in the mid-nineteenth century, by Deputy Marshal and Mayor Madison Post. The island is named after the Mayor’s wife ‘Maria’ and sister-in-law ‘Anna’.

Now, the quaint island of Anna Maria has three cities called Anna Maria, Holmes Beach, and Bradenton. Perfect for a laid-back holiday for your family and friends on this land of 7 miles of relaxation. All three cities offer a vibe and experience of their own.

The City of Anna Maria is pinned on the northern end and has mainly residential properties.  The city is not crowded like the others and is calm. The almost no traffic scenario, let’s people who love walks, biking and seashore would enjoy it to the fullest.

The Holmes Beach is stationed in the middle of the island. It is famous for its old town charm, exceptional view of the Tampa Bay and Skyway Bridge, and fresh seafood serving restaurants. 

Bradenton Beach stands on the southern end of the island. The city has the most traffic and is full of tourists throughout. The city offers Restaurants, Eateries, spots to visit, Rentals, Scuba, and wildlife centers to its visitors.