Anna Maria Island is a place for people of all age groups. There is something for everyone, out on this beautiful peninsula. And if you are a family with kids, the island has a lot to offer for your tiny, little or grown ones to participate in fun activities on Holmes Beach on the Island of Anna Maria.

There are numerous forms of recreational activities for your kid to participate in, and they would enjoy and love to get involved in. 

It’s always fun for the kids and the family to get together and build a sandcastle. It is such an amusement to build something from scratch and the efforts it takes and the final results it shows. Children learn to understand the importance of working together and the strength it brings, helping them nurture in the long run. 

Do not forget to treat your little ones after a day full of building sandcastles and having a blast on Holmes Beach. Take them to visit the Holy Cow Icecream that offers 36 flavors of deliciousness served in a cone. They can even experience the goodness of hand-spun milkshakes, exactly like you used to have. The kiddo can enjoy their treat while watching a rare species called Horn Shark, swimming in the tank of the Holy Cow.

At Holmes Beach, the fun has just begun. You could plan the next day, renting from Fun and more rentals. You could spend time with your kids riding a bike around this sunny sun-kissed town, or can go around in golf carts, or go for a fun-filled paddleboarding day, or maybe Kayaking, and enjoy to the fullest Snorkeling, and watching the magic of the sea world.

Start the artistic fire in your child, introducing them to the Island Gallery West on Holmes Beach. The gallery showcases art by local artists. The gallery has celebrated artists for over 30 years on Anna Maria Island. Your kids can discover a new sphere of drawings, paintings, photographs, pottery, ceramics, jewelry, and a lot more.

Add a day of taking your child to the Island Branch Library, to explore the library and indulge themselves in the enchantments of stories. Walk your children, through the doors of knowledge, on the gorgeous Anna Maria Island.

And after all the fun, games, imparting knowledge your bundle of joy deserves to taste the fresh cheesy, and mouth-watering burgers from  Skinny’s. The place has been established in the year 1952 serving Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Fries, and Hot dogs. 

Make your kid’s trip, a fun one to Holmes beach!